Friday Feature: Former Student Matt Olpinski


Another start-up.  Hmmm… I keep hearing former students talk about these so-called APPS.  Sound like they might be on to something big.  I hear that Facebook thing is gonna be big soon, too.  Maybe I should read up on that stuff…  While I do that, you can read about former student, Matt, who’s doing some cool stuff….

Matt Olpinski

What do you do for work?

I have been serving as the Interactive Art Director at Dumbwaiter (, a full-service web design and development firm in Rochester, NY for over 2 years now. My daily tasks include bringing in new prospective clients, overseeing all projects from a design and development perspective, communicating with existing clients, UI/UX design, front-end development, and internal business strategy. I also have a steady flow of freelance projects that I do on nights and weekends for extra money and personal enjoyment.

Working so hard he needs two screens!

Working so hard he needs two screens!

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m in the process of co-founding a tech startup for an app I’ve been working on for 2+ years. Without giving away too much information, the app will make dynamic connections between people and networks such that lost or inaccurate contact information will become a thing of the past. Think of it as a self-updating contact list based on selectively shared information. With a successful launch, we anticipate that it will change the way people connect forever starting in early 2015.

I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012 with a BFA in New Media Design & Imaging which focused on digital and interactive design in areas such as web, mobile, 3D, and motion graphics.

What do you for fun/enrichment?

Low to the ground...

Low to the ground…

In my free time, I usually try to stay away from my computer. I love music and play guitar often. I also love the outdoors, so if the weather is nice, you can find me outside playing Frisbee or riding my bike. One of my favorite things to do is drive. I have always loved driving, but I enjoy it a whole lot more now that I own a 2006 Mustang GT Coupe.

Lastly, I love traveling whether it is around the block or to another country. Any time I can explore other parts of the world and its respective cultures, I do. You can see some of my travels at




How did you prepare for your life/career so far?

Looking back, I don’t think I actively prepared for my life and career at all. I think I just worked really hard at everything I did and followed my instincts. I didn’t do everything with my career in mind. I just did what made me happy and things sort of fell into place. During college, I focused on the courses that I knew mattered most and did a few solid internships that helped prepare me for my work outside of school. I maintained friendships and was involved in a number of extra-curriculars because life and happiness is about so much more than a career.

If you’d like to learn more about my jobs and internships, I wrote about them here.

What are you proud of?

I could write a long list of material things that I’m proud of, but I think what I am truly most proud of are the intangibles in my life. I am proud of the way I have trusted my instincts and feelings with major life decisions. I am proud of earning a college degree in a booming industry. I am proud of the endless passion I have for my craft. I am proud of my successful connections, relationships, internships, and jobs. I am proud of working so hard and so diligently every single year because I consistently reap the benefits of my labor and get to share those benefits with others.

What advice can you give younger people as they prepare for the adult world?

Work hard. Stay humble. Follow your instincts. Weigh options. Be objective. Think logically. Love what you do.

I could beat this car in a race.

I could beat this car in a race.