The “Look It Ups”

Hey Look!  Here Are All the ‘Look it Ups!’

Throughout the book, I peppered you with opportunities (commands?) to ‘Look It Up!’  The intent is to help wean you off any leanings you may have toward passivity.  Although you’re entering that time in your life when you need to take control of your own development and LOOK STUFF UP ON YOUR OWN, I’m not going to leave you hanging entirely.

Of course, you know the web is ever changing and as fickle as a first year college student (Wow! That may have sounded insulting).  So, although these links were good and accurate at the time of printing, they may not be by the time you’re reading.  So, let me know if you find some bad ones.  At least you’ll have the general categories and you can LOOK THEM UP!

More important, this collection of resources should simply be a springboard to vault you further.  If you encounter something you don’t understand, look it up.  If you’re curious and intrigued by something, explore it in depth.  Enough passivity already! (Especially if you’re reading this in the summer with plenty of time on your hands.)  Become an active, life-long learner and do your own research, damn it!

Joseph Campbell

Expanding College Options & Alternatives (Online & Otherwise)

Oh, here’s another alternative… The Minerva Project

And, you oughta look up MOOCs, here’s help from Stephen Colbert

What’s a docent?

The famous Stanford marshmallow experiment

Pavlov’s Dogs

Airplane – Don’t call me Shirley!

Field of Dreams – “People will come…”

Publish or Perish

VALVE Company & Handbook

T-Shaped Individuals & IDEO™s-collaborative-culture

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Jersey Shore

Henry Higgins “Rain in Spain”

Cleaning Your Room (A less-than-helpful link. Find your own damn link!)

Choosing Civility (Dr. P.M. Forni & The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins)

And, here’s some more etiquette tips for when you’re late to class

This is Water (David Foster Wallace video & commencement speech)

Fake Bake

Blue Campus Security Lights (A little outdated)

Campus Safe Cell Phone App

College Presidents Rethink Drinking Age

Your Sex Options

At the writing of this book, there was a thought-provoking article by Kate Taylor in which the author explored campus sexual relationships through in-depth interviews at Penn University.  It’s called “Sex on Campus:  She Can Play That Game, Too.”

The response to her article was quick and loud, as well…

And the conversation continues with “Love in the Time of Hookups”  and more here:

Cleary Center for Security on Campus

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Misnomer (a definition…. Oh, and a dance company)

Anathema (a definition…. Oh, and a rock band)

Multitasking Myths

Lou Malnati’s Pizza

The Odyssey by Homer

A Different Homer’s Odyssey’s_Odyssey_(The_Simpsons)

Zeitgeist (A definition)

Considering Liberal Arts & Humanities

Demitrio ‘Drumzoo’