Praise & Quotes (mind your P’s & Q’s?)

Carpe College! was phenomenal.  It provided me with great insights regarding studying techniques, dorm life expectations, and how to go about my freshman year of college without being nervous and stressed out.  We all come across a series of downfalls throughout the year, and it is very important that we know how to cope with them in order to succeed and get back on track. You have provided me with great tips regarding these times, which I believe were very beneficial. [You] made me feel more confident in wanting to attend my first year of college and it gave me something to look forward to: a new chapter of my life. ~ Dominic Z, Dayton Student

…a healthy outlook that every student should embrace.  ~ Jake N, Hamilton Student

Metzler has a creative and entertaining way. His experience with both high school and college students becomes quickly evident. Good stuff and very nicely done! It has been a great resource for our family as we prepared our son for college and it continues to be a resource for all of us as he makes his way through his college experience. Paul R, parent

Carpe College! is filled with helpful hints and useful information that any student heading off to school will find invaluable. I wish I’d had it when I was starting college. Jack B, professor, Ithaca College

Through Carpe College! I understood to plan my academic week but to be spontaneous when it came to fun. I tried things that I would not have and, as a result, met friends that I would never would have had I gone home to play video games or sit around and watch a game with my friends after homework. If I heard anything that was going on campus that seemed remotely interesting, I would just do it. These concepts have helped me make my college experience more than just a four-year block of studying.  ~ Dan R, Arizona & Syracuse Student

We really appreciate you taking the time to give us your insight. It’s a nice, laid back format that the kids are receptive to. . . and I really think they hear an adult “not in the immediate family” more clearly. ~ Francesca R, parent

Carpe College! is a must for students heading off to college and their parents, as well, [with] valuable insights to help navigate through the all important freshman year.   Critical concepts include time management, course selection, thinking outside the box, managing newfound freedom and learning how to meet and greet new friends.  Mike Metzler helps take the mystery out of these and many other topics….  Do yourself and your freshman-to-be a favor and spend some time with Carpe College! Jay N, parent

I had told [my daughter] that it would be about college organizing but it was so much more.  He has a great delivery style, and I thought he had such important insights and stories to share that were not preachy at all (especially his opening about nobody else caring about you or your life the way you will!)  The school should hire him to be part of their spring college prep night where they have the alums come back after freshman year.  (I think he would totally steal the show, though!) Nancy L, parent

Carpe College! delivers an honest, realistic, and comprehensive assessment of dangers, joys and opportunities that await incoming freshmen.  Mike has done a great job of communicating with students on their level, with their voice, but parents will have no trouble seeing its wisdom. ~ Eric I, RIT Student

Your pearls of wisdom are still swirling around in my head.  Carpe College!!  Thank you so much! ~ Eileen Z, parent

Loved it!  All great stuff and written in an entertaining way!  While this book is excellent for going off to college for the first time, there are definitely points that are helpful to young adults in transition.  Great advice and reminders threaded throughout the book for everyone – even old mother hens like me.  My favorite chapter… Door Stops & Chop Sticks.  Of course, loved it all. ~ Maria M, parent