About the author

mikeAfter a roller-coaster undergraduate experience, a couple of masters degrees and an uninspiring advertising career, Mike Metzler ventured into teaching, where he has found his bliss and earned praise from every corner. Now, having taught nearly two decades of high school and college combined, Mike has learned a few things about the challenging transition from high school to college life, and he’s eager to share his insights in Carpe College!.

A native Chicagoan, Mike picked up stakes and spent seven years on a Minnesota farm while his kids were younger.  Now his family resides in upstate New York, where Mike teaches, plays pick-up hoops, guitar, and baseball for old(er) guys. Oh yeah… and he invented a drink called the “Grape & Granny.”

What Mike’s students have said….

You made learning fun, different, enlightening, and treated us like adults • Mr. Metzler is the reason I’m alive. This hero truly saved my life • Metzler loves his job, and it really shows • Thank you for encouraging us to reach outside ourselves and explore • In my list of inspiring educators, his name is at the top • There are few people who really get through to stubborn, obstinate, annoying, frightened teenagers; you got through to me • He really makes us think for ourselves • I feel better knowing there’s a teacher like him • I am a life that was changed • Until I stepped into your class, I was taught ‘the one right point of view’ and just accepted what I was told • Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve ever had! • I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to know you and learn from you • Your class was a tough one, but only because you would never let us sell ourselves short of what you knew we had • You accepted nothing but our hardest efforts • 2013-08-15 19.05.32 HDRYou encouraged me to reach beyond my limits • You are a teacher we will all remember forever • I am a better person having known you • A teacher who dares to change “the way it is” and always believes in us students • You have truly been an inspiration to me. I will never forget you • I have always looked forward to coming to your class • You have been the most intriguing teacher – my all-time favorite – no lie! • You taught me to be excited when my thoughts differ from others, and you simply taught me to think better • Your passion makes us want to learn • Whatever you’ve done with us, it worked! • The most enjoyable class of my high school career! • I would like to become his friend, not just his student • Mike is an amazing guy • He was a great teacher and his class was one of the only classes that I looked forward to go to • I would really like to continue being in his class for the next 5 years • He was very interested in helping us adjust to college life • Mike was really impressive and an amazing teacher. His style really allowed us to get comfortable with our new college environment • Thank you for being your wonderful self!
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