Background Supplement for Press Release

Mike Metzler has taught high school English, Psychology, Media Literacy and Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate program in Illinois, Minnesota and New York.  He now teaches first year college students at the Rochester Institute of Technology (though taking this academic year off to care for his ailing daughter).

During his years teaching high school, Metzler counseled his students about ways to embrace their entire college experience.  As a practice, he would write an introductory letter to his students at the beginning of each course, laying out his hopes for their shared journey.  When he began teaching at the post-secondary level, the moniker Carpe College! was born in one such letter as he encouraged his first-year college students to make the most of what was to come.

In 2011, a friend asked Metzler to share insights and answer questions about the challenging transition his son faced before starting college.  Metzler joined them for a couple of hours at their kitchen table one warm summer night.  Another family heard about the experience, invited another family, and Metzler did another ‘kitchen table session.’  A parent, thrilled with the helpful advice, told him he should write a book and Carpe College! (the book) was born.  Since then, Metzler has given formal and informal Carpe College! talks, and he is eager to share his insights aloud or through the printed page.

The author is available for interviews.


Mike Metzler
Educator/Author of Carpe College!