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Taking A Leap Without The Leap Year

Leapin' lizards! There's no leap year this year?!

Leapin’ lizards! There’s no leap year this year?!


No Feb 29th this year. No leap year. So to honor not the 29th, here are 29 tweets with tips & tidbits from Carpe College.

#1. “Follow your bliss.” – Joseph Campbell

#2. The Carpe College Mantra: Know thyself, have a plan, and assume no one else cares.

#3. Start dreaming your own dreams, rather than those of your parents

#4. Distinguish between opportunities and distractions

#5. Learn to trust yourself, to forgive yourself, to get back on your horse and take some more risk.

#6. Reflect seriously and often on the question: “Who am I, where am I going, why and how?”

#7. Rich opportunities abound at college. You must be ACTIVE & INTENTIONAL to get the most out of them. Tune in. Show up. Be present.

#8. You can sit passively and watch the world go by rather than being a part of it. Do yourself a favor: choose to be a part of it!

#9. Don’t Touch It or Borrow It Without Asking! Not her snacks. Not his laptop. Not her favorite top. Not his Frisbee. No, no, no…..

#10. At 18, how do you know what you love unless you try lots of stuff? Your campus is your laboratory to find your passion, find yourself.

#11. Every time you plan your week, study, work on a team, you are honing important skills that will be marketable in the workforce.

#12. “I never let schooling get in the way of my education.” – Mark Twain

#13. The surest way to create roommate tension is bad alarm clock management. Sleep through your alarm or slap the snooze, there’s trouble.

#14. Best way to answer alarm = get on your feet as soon as possible. Best way to get to your feet = place your alarm across the room.

#15. Invite people into your dorm room at least once a month. That way, you and your roommate(s) will clean your room at least that often.

#16. Don’t assume you ‘think’ you know where you stand in class. Your perception (and math) may be different from professor. Check in!

#17. Use school breaks to shadow professionals. Get names, send email, make appointments BEFORE break. A nice complement to internships.

#18. Use one of your t-shirts as an eye mask and ear muffler to help you sleep. Here’s a video:

#19. When in your dorm room, leave your door open. This sends a message to all that you’re open to meeting new people.

#20. When walking on campus, keep your eyes up, make eye contact with others, and smile. (Lose headphones to be accessible to others!)

#21. Join roommate for meal at least 1x/week. This helps cultivate relationship & prevent trouble spots ‘cause they’re aired out quickly.

#22. Introduce yourself to EACH professor. Cultivates relationships, research opportunities, recommendations & long-term mentors.

#23. Once a month, pick campus activity out of your comfort zone. Participate & expand your horizons. (30+ for whole college career)

#24. Reach across the aisle… In each class, introduce yourself to any student. You’ll meet more people & find more study partners.

#25. “Semper ubi sub ubi.” (Always wear underwear – LOOSELY translated Latin!)

#26. Baz Luhrmann: life is “circus run like an army.” Perfect amalgam for thinker, creator, doer – 3 requirements for any college student.

#27. Healthy body=healthy mind

#28. A success formula: F3=Fix It, Forgive & Forge Ahead. Apply to both academic and non-academic life. Apply to both yourself & friends.

#29. It’s YOUR journey. Ask who am I, where do I want to go & how would I like to get there? Enjoy your path. Don’t covet paths of others.