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Three Week Streak!

a streaking we will go....

a streaking we will go….


There is NO requirement that anyone get naked for this.  Do you ‘kids’ even know what streaking is?!  Anyway, this is NOT that.  It’s a different kind of streak… hopefully, a winning streak of sorts where you fly through your first three weeks on campus and lay a good foundation for yourself.

Here are Ten Tips to help you get through those first three weeks:

1. Door Open

When in your dorm room, leave your door open.  This sends a message to all that you’re open to meeting new people.

2. Eyes Up

When walking on campus, keep your eyes up, make eye contact with others, and smile. (And lose the headphones if you want to be accessible to others!)

3. Don’t Be Late to Activate

Join a club, activity or intramural team immediately.  It’s much easier to walk away if it becomes too much to handle than to try and join midstream later after everyone’s already gotten to know each other.

4. Share a Meal with Your Mate

Join your roommate for a meal at least once a week. This helps cultivate the relationship and prevent trouble spots that can be aired out quickly.

5. Pop in to See the Profs

Stop in their offices to introduce yourself to EACH of your professors.  Again, you are cultivating relationships, and these could result in research opportunities, recommendations and long-term mentors.

6. Play Bulletin Board Bingo

Once each month, find a posting on a campus bulletin board that is out of your comfort zone but piques your curiosity. It could be a guest lecture, political rally, art show, or athletic event.  Attend it and expand your horizons….regularly.

7. Reach Across the Aisle

In each class, introduce yourself to any student.  You’ll meet more people, and you’ll find more study partners.

8. Assess the Mess

Is your weekly plan going okay? Any trouble classes or social relationships? Are you eating healthy and getting enough sleep? If you got off on the wrong foot with anyone, ask forgiveness (sooner rather than later).

9. Has the Fun Begun (In academics or social life)?

By three weeks in, if nothing is fun yet, it’s time to regroup and ask yourself why.

10. Seek Shadowy Characters

If you haven’t done this before arriving on campus, do it soon.  Create a list of professionals you’d like to shadow for a day during winter break.